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We are in the era where 4 distinct generations: Baby Boomers, Gen Xs, Ys and Zs, all with their own perspective, styles and expectations are working together. Gen Zs being the latest baby are entering the workforce. The differences from each generation often create misunderstandings, stereotypes and conflicts. What used to work in the past no longer works now.

Baby Boomers are at the verge of retiring while Gen Xs are thriving for higher career success. Gen Ys are the new generation of leaders with new management styles and ways of doing things while Gen Zs are the growing workforce coming to disrupt and causing more generational issues. 

This workshop strives to uncover the differences, dismantle prejudices and sharpen sensitivities between the generations. We focus on the Malaysian workforce where our demographics are different from other countries. We examine the influence of culture, local values and the expectations of the different generations. We explore the qualities in making each generation successful and the organization to find its own success recipe on how to retain, develop and lead them across generations


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Develop more understanding and
improve collaborative work effort

Increase awareness of different needs and
expectations of each generation.

Leverage the multi-generational
team’s strength

Create synergy in the workforce that leverages
each other’s strengths, skills, and expertise.

Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Increase their competency levels in leading and managing a generational workforce.

Defusing workplace tensions and conflicts
Explore solutions to overcome barriers and conflicts of a different generation.
Improve multi-generation team performance
Enhance interpersonal skills to deal with each other of a different generation.


  • CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors
  • Department Heads, Senior Managers, Managers, Executives.
  • Consultants, Professionals, Entrepreneurs.
  • Anyone who is in the position to lead and manage a generational workforce.
  • Ideal for companies with multi-generational workforce with the need to integrate them for team effectiveness.
Expert on Malaysian Generations

In the coming up workshop Connecting Generations at the Workplace,the Expert on Malaysian Generations, Ms. Lily Lau will be looking at what the current generational diversity in the workplace looks like.

She will explore how each generation perceives career and its significance, and how organizations can tap into these seemingly differing motivations to bring about harmony, productivity and growth in the workplace. 

She is the Certified Master Trainer for Directive Communication Psychology and she applies this methodology to break barriers, cultivate trust and create synergies across cultures in all her training delivery. 

Lily Lau and her team were awarded for Best International Performing Partner and Best Directive Communication Master Trainer for 2017 by Arthur Carmazzi. 

Our company was the winner for Best Change Leadership & Management Training Specialist 2019 by APAC Insider. 

Her articles on communication, generational and cross-cultural issues have been published in Leaderonomics & MyStar Jobs newspaper, Smart Investors and Asian Quality magazines. Lily Lau was interviewed in BFM Radio on Malaysian generational issue and features as a Directive Communication Psychology expert on the NTV 7 Breakfast Show. 

With a formal degree from Japan, Lily Lau is fluent in English, Japanese, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia. 

Lily Lau had published articles on managing Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y at work, A closer look at Gen Y and Gen Z at Malaysia. 

She was invited to forums as panel speaker on Young Leaders for the past 5 years.


“…eye opener…got to know…try our best to accept changes…not resist…”

An eye opener for me. As a Baby Boomer/ Gen X person, I got to know the thinking and needs from the young generation. We have to try our best to accept + embrace the change and not resist it.

HR Manager, Scope International (Standard Chartered Bank)

“…make us think differently…establish better relationship with Gen Y…”

The workshop make us think differently and opened up opportunity to establish better relationship with Gen Y.

Programme Leader, Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & Business, TARUC

“…helpful workshop…recommend to all…narrow down communication gap…organization move forward…”

A helpful workshop. My suggestion is this workshop should recommend to all levels in the organization. This is to narrow down the communication gap between different generation and let the organization move forward.

Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, TARUC

“…equipped me characteristics of Gen X & Y…better understanding on them…”

This workshop has equipped me with good foundation of the characteristics of Gen X and Gen Y in Malaysian context. I have better understanding of Gen Y after the workshop and it gave me many ideas on how to deal with generation Y

Operation Manager, OCBC Bank

“…encourage academic staff of different generation…come for this workshop…”

Should encourage academic staff of different generations (Boomers, X, XY, Y) to come for this workshop.


Dean, Faculty of Communication & Creative Industries, TARUC

Should encourage academic staff of different generations (Boomers, X, XY, Y) to come for this workshop. 

Dean, Faculty of Communication & Creative Industries, TARUC

“…real eye opener…learn to work with younger one…”

The contents of this program were real eye opener of how I can learn to work with younger ones rather than disregard them entirely. As the workforce will be dominated by the younger ones soon, it’s very important that we too learn the simplest ways to do things at the same time, to a certain extent, do not compromise our values that we have been taught.

Plant Manufacturing Director, Osram Opto Semiconductors in Penang



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