Communication is always a problem at the workplace.

Especially when you are dealing with people at different levels in the organization.

You feel it’s hard to communicate with others, and there is a gap in delivering the message. And sometimes you wonder why others don’t ‘get’ you.

You are searching for the reason why people become disengaged with you? And why sometimes trust breaks down?

Are you…

  • CEOs, Business owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Learning & Development Professionals & Practitioners
  • Human Resources Professionals & Practitioners
  • Hiring Managers, Interviewers & Recruiters
  • Counselors, Coaches & Facilitators
  • Lecturers, Teachers & Education Professionals
  • Managers, Department Heads, Supervisors & Team Leaders
  • Anyone with keen interest to learn and understand people from the psychology perspectives with intention to develop oneself for career enhancement
  • Anyone with keen interest to develop the power of influence and subconscious

This program is for YOU!

Get Certified as Colored Brain Practitioner Professional

And you get the opportunity to practice and grow your team and organization accordingly. There is no more drama in the office and you may help everyone to communicate better with their colleagues and superior.








What is Colored Brain? How does it work?

One of the components in Directive Communication methodology, Colored Brain Model sets parameters to identify and understand the way our brain processes and interprets the world around us. This assists in defining and overcoming conflict, miscommunication, and how we and others interpret our sense of value that is ultimately responsible for employee engagement and competence.

Through Colored Brain, you discover the root cause of disengagement and why trust breaks down. This content provides clarity of “How” our brain communicates.

With the Colored Brain knowledge, you will be able to;

  • Interpret information and surrounding
  • Process and take-action
  • Get clarity on ideas, solutions and processes and how to solve it differently
  • Develop new skills

What you will learn through this program;

Certified Colored Brain Practitioner Professional is a 3 days program that will be conducted through face to face (offline). You will go through a learning process that is relevant, fun  and impactful!

You will learn through interactive learning, experiential learning experience, facilitator training and participant oriented learning methods.


4 Main Module that you will learn;

DC Foundation

You will learn the basics of DC Psychology & Concept, how environments affect you, how to use CBC Cards and hands-on practical using the cards.

Colored Brain Communication

You will learn how to communicate through Colored Brain. There are different tools that will be used in this module to help you easily understand the interpretation.


You will learn how to apply Colored Brain in your team and work, whether the people are of the same or different color. You will practice to become an expert in this field.  

Colored Brain Summary

You will understand the Colored Brain Model as a whole. With the knowledge, it helps you to apply in your daily life as a practitioner to enhance your career as a leader in your field of expertise. 

At the end of this program, you will need to submit the tasks assigned, pass the written test and go through a practical assessment – to evaluate other people’s Colored Brain and make a summary through a presentation.

As Certified Colored Brain Practitioner Professional, you will be able to;

  • Identify people’s Colored Brain through interpretation of profile.
  • Explain and comment on the Colored Brain profile as an expert.
  • Master the usage of Colored Brain Cards to interpret people’s Colored Brain.
  • Administer the Colored Brain Communication Inventory.
  • Overcome barriers to create trust and alignment.
  • Identify the root cause for disengagement.

What will you get as a Certified Colored Brain Practitioner Professional?

Colored Brain Practitioner Professional Certificate

Colored Brain Manual & Workbook

Logo by Directive Communication International

Colored Brain Communication Cards

Colored Brain Communication Inventory Online & Hardcopy

Colored Glasses

And other tools you will get upon certified such as Colored Brain Psychology Mind Map, Access to Google Classroom for learning resources and videos, 40% discount for purchase of tools from retail price (Upon certified) and the most interesting part is that You only top up the difference of fee to progress to next level for Trainers Certification (just inquire if you are interested).


Lily Lau

As the co-founder of Culture Dynamics DCI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Lily Lau is the speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant for multiple training workshops, seminars and conferences, with more than 17 years training and facilitation experience in culture, diversity, bridging generational gap, communication, interpersonal skills and corporate culture transformation. 

She is the Certified Master Trainer for Directive Communication Psychology, and the pioneer in developing the Colored Brain training business in Malaysia. Over the years, she has certified over 100 trainers and coaches and conducted over 600 training workshops and speaking engagements. 

Lily is awarded for being the Best Performing International Partner and the Best DC Master Trainer by Directive Communication International and Arthur Carmazzi for 2 consecutive years in 2018 and 2020. Lily’s name is listed in the Successful People in Malaysia by Britishpedia in 2021 edition. 

Based on the belief that every individual is unique and has the capacity to excel, given the right opportunities, Lily’s training methodology breaks barriers, cultivates trust and creates synergies across cultures. She works with individuals from the psychological perspective by understanding their genetic thinking style and personal desire and combines the cultural influence background to provide holistic approach solutions.

Her articles on communication, generational and cross-cultural issues have been published in Leaderonomics & MyStarJobs newspapers, Smart Investors and Asian Quality magazines.  Lily was interviewed in BFM radio on Malaysian generational issue and featured as a Directive Communication expert on the NTV7 Breakfast Show. Her passion is to travel, see new places, meet people and enjoy good food.  

What do they say about the Colored Brain?

How much do you need to invest?

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